Teeth Whitening Treatment Made Me More Confident

teeth-whiteningI am now a young professional and have been working since the last three years. Before, I am not confident and does not completely know how to carry myself when dealing with other people. One major factor for lack of confidence is the yellowish teeth I had to endure during my college days. Though I didn’t experience a lot of teasing or bullying from my schoolmates, I was very anxious about how I look because of my unappealing teeth. During my senior year, I took the chance of looking for and actually availing dental treatments that whiten the teeth. Luckily, I was able to find a well-established dental clinic that offers teeth whitening at a reasonably affordable price. The website www.mydentalgroup.com.au was a huge help in leading me to the best and credible dental clinic.  

During my first visit to the clinic, one of things I asked was about the safety of the treatment. I wanted to make sure that I will have whiter teeth without suffering from potential health risks. The dentist explained to me that, in general, there are three major ways of getting whiter teeth. One is through the use of whitening toothpastes that can be bought easily in grocery stores and supermarkets. Another way is through the application of certain solution in the dental clinic and, lastly, through the use of laser technology. These different ways vary in their effectiveness, which is highly dependent on the length of time and technology used. For example, you can instantly have whiter teeth when laser is used because it has the most advanced technology. On the other hand, you can also have whiter teeth when you use whitening toothpaste but you have to wait for a few weeks to see the effects. The former is more expensive while the latter is generally affordable. On my part, because I am kind of not sure about instant results, I chose the application of a solution. The dentist told me that maintenance of teeth whitening is not difficult because I just have to implement my regular oral hygiene practices. 

I learned that the results also vary depending on the condition of the teeth of the patient. For example, if one patient has a lot of stains, cavities and yellow discolorations, then it will take more sessions of the treatment before the desired result is achieved. This is they there are different options. For not so serious conditions, whitening toothpastes may be enough already. For severe conditions, laser technology or in-house teeth whitening treatment may be necessary. In addition to the effectiveness of the type of treatment, bleaching has results that depend on the concentration of the products. The dentist also told me that it is important to have a follow-up check-up after one week. The follow-up is very important because there is a need to determine whether or not the gums suffered from the strength and chemicals of the bleaching product. It is also important and necessary to check the teeth because they may get damaged due to the strength of the bleaching product’s concentration.  

Another concern I clarified is the frequency of visits to maintain the whiter teeth. I learned that the next visits also highly depend on the eating lifestyle I have. For example, if I regularly consume sodas and other drinks that are high in sugar, then my teeth is prone to damages and the length of time my teeth remains white shortens. Sodas and the like are very corrosive and will cause unwanted staining to the teeth. When this happens, the whiteness will fade in less than a month’s time. But if you are a person that is very strict in the food you consume, you may wait for another year before you may be required to visit the dental clinic. This is particularly true if you don’t eat sweets and you only consume lots of organic fruits and vegetables.  

In general, my dentist advised me to rinse or brush regularly especially after I consume foods that cause stain. Another advice is to avoid exposure to or consumption of products that cause stain to the teeth. Third, it is necessary to follow an oral hygiene that keeps the teeth healthy and clean. And lastly, it is also important to consider a touch-up treatment session or sessions, which depends on the teeth whitening method used. In my case, I have only visited the dental clinic several times after my first treatment of teeth whitening. This is because I follow a healthy eating diet that keeps my teeth strong and whiter for a much longer time.  

For the last three years, I have become more confident when speaking to people such as my friends, relatives and colleagues at work. Going to the dental clinic for teeth whitening treatment is a decision that I will always be forever thankful for.

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