My Friend’s Personal Journey with Fertility Acupuncture

IVF FertilityI have a female friend, Elise, who has been married for about 5 years when I noticed they weren’t having any kids yet. I thought it was more of a conscious decision on their part to really forego with having children at the moment and concentrate first on their careers. But then, I also knew that they were already in their early 30’s and if my memory serves me right, getting pregnant after 35 is already considered very high risk because of the inherent changes in body physiology. I approached my friend one day and joked about whether they will still have children or what. I knew something was off. I have never seen Elise suddenly turned pale. The warm bright sparkle in her eyes simply vanished into thin air. I will never forget that day.

What’s wrong? I thought getting pregnant was easy? Elise told me they thought it was easy, too. They have both tried getting comprehensive reproductive examinations. Her husband had a complete sperm count. Elise had her ovaries and other reproductive organs examined. She told me her gynecologist recommended having in-vitro fertilization or IVF. My very first concern was that “Is IVF safe?” I knew some friends who had the procedure before and it did not end well for some. Aside from the very expensive cost of the procedure including its maintenance, there was no guaranteeing that Elise will be carrying the pregnancy to full term.

I guess Elise read my mind and she said that her gynecologist, surprisingly, recommended visiting the Freedom Chinese Medicine clinic in Ivanhoe, Victoria. I never knew that a western-taught medical doctor will believe, and will actually recommend to her patients, an oriental type of medical treatment. Perhaps she saw through Elise’s confusion the same way Elise saw through mine. Elise said that acupuncture is not necessarily a treatment per se for infertility. She said that she will still be receiving some medications as well as other therapies to make sure that the whole IVF procedure will be successful. The overall plan should take quite a long time. Well, as long as Elise and her husband are safe, I should be fine as well.  

The plan called for preparing Elise’s reproductive organs for in-vitro fertilization as well as that of her husband’s sperm cells. For about a year, they underwent several sessions of acupuncture to prepare their reproductive organs.

Acupuncture helps improve the flow oxygen and nutrients to the ovaries and uterus to make sure that egg cells will really be healthy. The uterus will also have to be ready to accommodate the fertilized ovum. It must be ready to supply the fertilized ovum with the correct amounts of nutrients and oxygen to support the life growing inside. Acupuncture also improves the way in which the brain communicated with the ovaries so that every month it releases a healthy mature egg cell. Acupuncture helps improve the regulatory control of the different hormones on the release of mature egg cell.

In addition to acupuncture Elise also needed to watch her stress levels and the food that she ate. Elise told me that acupuncture provided the relaxation that she needed. Acupuncture also prepared Elsie’s mind to be at ease, fully relaxed. Acupuncture eased tensed muscles making her feel more comfortable in her everyday routine. It has helped Elise manage her stress in ways that she never thought possible. She recalled her gynecologist telling Elise that stress can play a very crucial role in pregnancy success. And since acupuncture helps relieve the inflammation that comes right after stress, Elise felt more confident that she will get pregnant this time around.

Elise’s husband also sought acupuncture in order to improve the health of his sperm cells. Acupuncture stimulates the correct meridians of the body to help his testicles to synthesize healthier, more motile, and more sperm cells.

Acupuncture prepared Elise’s body to get pregnant. After a year of undergoing regular fertility acupuncture at Freedom Chinese Medicine, they decided to give it a try. They thought that if she won’t get pregnant the natural way then they will proceed with in vitro fertilization. Elise would tell me that they somehow knew that fertility acupuncture has made them healthier, more capable of bringing life into this world.

Elise is now 6 months pregnant. And, no, she did not have the in vitro fertilization procedure. It turned out that with the correct advice, proper diet, correct stress management techniques, and regular visits to both her gynecologist and acupuncturist is enough to bring the miracle of life. She still visits her acupuncturist simply because Elise knows that it can also help improve blood flow to the developing fetus inside her womb.

I am not a believer of fertility acupuncture. But with the experience of my friend, Elise, I can say that I now support it wholeheartedly. It is cheap and, best of all, comes with no side effects. If I were a woman wanting to get pregnant, I would ditch fertility drugs and seek acupuncture instead.

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