Helpful Tips When Choosing Hair Colour

hair colour jan 18Another year has passed and to start great for the new one, you may want to have a change in your hair colour. You may want to go bolder with brighter hair colour such as pink, bleach blonde or red. You may also go for more subtle ones like light coffee brown or ash gray. However, there are some tips that you need to consider when choosing your hair colour. Though you can experiment, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every hair colour would look good on you.

There are new hair colour ideas for 2016 that you can try. But before you consider any, read the tips below so you would end up with the colour that perfectly suits you.

Browse and Collect Sample Hair Colours on the Web

You may get interested with a particular hair colour like maroon red because you think you would look badass with it. Imagining it would not really help. So, the best thing to do is browse the Web for samples of hair colour to help you determine which ones you think would look okay, good, or great on you. You may also buy magazines so you can have something to bring at the hair salon. Old magazines are also a great reference. When you’re at the salon you may also consider the expert opinion of the hairstylist. With your preference, samples, and opinion from an expert, you would surely end up with the colour that suits your hair and overall appearance perfectly.

Consider Your Next Hairstyle

Since it’s a new year, you may also want to wear a new hairstyle. You can also look over the Web or newly published magazines for recent and trending hairstyles. With the new cut that you want, figure out whether the hair colour that you are considering will look great with it. You may also look for celebrities that are already wearing the hairstyle that you want and look on the hair colour. This would surely give you an idea whether the hairstyle and hair colour that you want would complement each other.  

Check Your Skin Tone

The color of your skin is one major factor that needs to be considered when changing the hair colour. If you have darker skin, too blonde hair colour may not look good on you. So, to ensure that you won’t be wasting your money on the wrong hair colour, you need to check your skin tone. The key is to find out whether your skin has a cool or warm coloring. All you need to do is to go outside where there is ample natural light from the sun. Hold your arms up and look at the wrists. You have to look at the color of your veins beneath the skin. You have a cool undertone if you have veins that look blue. You have a warm undertone if you have veins that look green.

If you have difficulty determining your skin tone through the color of your veins, you can use the paper test that requires you to use a few pieces of paper in blue, silver, green, white, red, and yellow colour. You need to hold the coloured papers one by one near your face. You have a more cool tone if your skin looks great with blue, silver, green, and white sheets of paper. You have a more warm tone if your skin looks great with yellow and red sheets of paper.

Consider Your Eye Colour

The hair and eye colour complement each other. There are hair colours that don’t look okay with certain eye colours. So, it is also important that you consider the colour of your eyes. Generally, darker shades of brown like dark coffee brown will look great with hazel or brown eyes. You may also consider espresso brown or rich chocolate brown. Cooler tones such as ash or light gold will definitely look great with grey or blue eyes. You may also consider ash blonde or golden blonde.    

Be Safe With Brown

If you are not ready yet to be bold with your style but still want to have a change in hair colour, you may do away with black, blonde, and red for now and choose brown. There are many advantages that you’ll surely enjoy when you choose brown. Unlike other hair colours, there are shades of brown that perfectly suits different skin types.

Brown in darker shades like espresso brown look great on dark skin. The key is to stay away from brown that is three or more shades lighter than the natural color of your skin. Brown in medium shades like auburn or caramel perfectly suits skin with medium tone. The key is to stay away from blondish and neutral shades. Brown in medium shades with tones of red look great on light coloured skin. The key is to stay away from dark shades of brown. If you don’t, you will have the tendency to look pale.

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