Osteopathy: Its Pros and Cons

According to the World Health Organization, about 1.7 billion people in the world suffer from musculoskeletal disorders (e.g., arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoporosis, etc.).

Among them, lower back pain is the most prevalent. Aging, activity choice, nutrition, and lifestyle contribute to muscular and skeletal problems.

While many seek medical attention for treatment, I took the path less traveled and tried osteopathy. A year of osteopathy improves not only my troubling back and leg pain but even more so my overall health.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a non-invasive, drug-free alternative medicine. It believes in the ability of one’s body to heal itself. Considered a manual therapy, it uses hands for both diagnosis and administering treatment. It targets the spine, tissues, muscles, and joints that make up your musculoskeletal system.

In the process, osteopathy also positively affects other body systems, such as your circulatory, nervous, and lymphatic systems. So besides pain relief, you also correct hormonal imbalances. People even report better quality of sleep.

Why I undertook Osteopathy: Its Benefits

Ultimately, I chose osteopathy because of its non-invasiveness. That means I don’t have to go through stressful procedures that may only increase my muscle tension or cause me anxiety. Plus, it yields the following benefits:

Stress-free Pain Management

 Imagine going for a nice massage to treat your annoying arthritis or your debilitating back pain – that was how smooth my osteopathic treatment had been. I didn’t have to worry about painful procedures nor deal with guilt for missing my medicine intake.

Safe for All Ages

Whether you are under 18 or over 65, you can seek osteopathy. Your osteopathic physician will vary the intensity of its hand manipulation techniques according to your age and problem area.

Holistic Treatment

It may focus on your muscles, bones, and joints but it benefits the entire body. It also treats menstrual pain, promotes better sleep, reduces anxiety, and decreases asthma attacks.

I can attest to how osteopathy helped alleviate my chronic back pain and knee pain caused by arthritis. As I went through the osteopathy procedures for several months, I’ve come to regard it not as a treatment but as a lifestyle choice.

It enhances my mood and increases my energy levels. In effect, I’m able to increase work productivity and assume personal and family obligations.

Preventive Nature

Some illnesses have symptoms that remain latent until the condition worsens. Thankfully, osteopathy’s holistic approach to treatment allows you to prevent the worst from happening.

Take my arthritis, for instance. Had it not been for osteopathy, the pain could’ve affected my other body parts, such as my fingers.

So you do not need to wait for your limbs to get broken. You can seek regular osteopathic sessions for preventive care if you like.

Wide Range of Treatment Options

Soft-tissue techniques (e.g., massages, cupping, acupressure) may be the most common osteopathic treatment. Yet osteopathy has a host of treatment options, depending on the problem area.

For instance, I had dry needling for my lower back pain. It uses thread-like needles to treat muscle tension. Then there’s exercise therapy that uses controlled body movements for rehabilitation and relapse prevention. Treatments vary according to your need, so I suggest you make an initial consultation with a click here.

What Should I Re-Consider About Osteopathy: The Downsides

Osteopathy cannot fix broken bones or serious illnesses that require surgical procedures. It is not a miracle therapy, contrary to popular belief. In some instances, it may not be recommended for patients at all, lest it aggravates the inflammation or infection.

I was wise to seek my physician’s approval before engaging in osteopathy, which works quite well as a complementary treatment.

Side effects such as soreness may last for a day or two. Be wary of the recovery time as well. Some people respond fast to treatment in weeks, while others take several months to a year before significant improvements happen (as in my case).

I am well aware that osteopathy may not even lead to full recovery, particularly for serious conditions. But it is worth giving a try, as I have nothing to lose. I followed the recommended precautions and used osteopathy in conjunction with my medical doctor’s advice.

You, too, will reap maximum health benefits if you seek 360 feedback.

How to Choose the Right Beauty Salon for You

When it comes to choosing a beauty salon or a skin clinic, you can be easily taken away by ads or promos you find online. Don’t worry, I was also tricked into trying a not-so-good skin clinic because I saw their convincing ads. I then realized that choosing a skin clinic is more than just finding the one with the cheapest rates.

If you’re searching for the perfect skin clinic or beauty salon, then here are a few tips that I came to learn after a long search for the right clinic.

1. Location is very important.

One of the first things I look at is the location. Actually, when I do research, I literally type “skin clinic near me” so that all the available clinics within a few miles are the only ones that I will consider. It saves a lot of time this way.

So why did I say that location is important? Aside from the obvious reason of avoiding the traffic and reducing the time you spend on the road, a nearby clinic will be easily accessible to you. If you have an urgent treatment or follow-up consultation, it’s easy to go to.

2. They should have a free consultation.

Most reputable service providers will have a free consultation. Trust me on this. Aside from being happy to offer you a glimpse of their services, they’re also open to discussing the kind of treatment that will best help you achieve what your skin goal is.

Besides, having someone talk you through the whole process will also give you an idea of how experienced they are underneath all the sales talk.

3. It should be headed by doctors and skin specialists.

This is basic but I believe it needs to be emphasized a little bit more. For this one, you have to do a little research and look if the clinic is headed by doctors and skin specialists. After all, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable having an expert talk you through your treatments?

It’s also important to know that aside from their medical background, they should have the necessary experience. Ideally, they should be in the beauty industry for a few years. While the number of years is arbitrary, I find that a clinic with at least 5 years is acceptable for me.

4. Look for the certification.

It’s not enough for the clinic to be headed by professionals – they also need to be certified. Look for accreditations and licenses that go with beauty salons and skin clinics.

If they have achievements and awards, then that’s better. Usually, they’ll post it on their social media accounts or websites.

5. Are the people nice?

Skin clinics and beauty salons are happy places. It’s funny to say it, but it’s true. Don’t you want to get pampered in a place with a friendly staff? I do.

That is why one of the factors you should look for is the friendly staff. Are they welcoming? Are they kind? Their overall treatment of you on your first visit will already tell you if they are.

6. Insurance is necessary.

This might be something you will overlook but it pays for you to keep this in mind: your clinic should have liability insurance. If they don’t, then second guess them because they will not be able to pay you whenever things go south.

Personally, I’d feel a lot better if my clinic is prepared to be accountable for whatever happens in my treatments. I think you should care about that, too.

Final Thoughts

There are so many beauty salons in the country and a lot of them are trying so hard to get your attention. However, I strongly suggest that you discern on your own when it comes to the right clinic for you.

It’s not going to be an easy decision, but the good thing about it is that you can always try a new clinic if you don’t like the first choice. Just my two cents!

Preventing and Addressing Health Issues of Truck Drivers

truckAlthough quite a few jobs carry a risk of health issues, no other job is harsher on the body than that of a long-haul truck driver. Having a friend who has been employed as one for the past 10 years I have seen first-hand how the work conditions really are: unnatural schedules, many hours sitting on the vehicle and lack of access to good nutrition other than fast-food stores or pit-stop cafes. In addition, their work system do not normally allow for a regular fitness regimen.

Truck driver health issue is something that should really be addressed. This huge industry brings goods across the country every day, supplying our supermarkets and moving around our mail. Our long-haul transport professionals have to survive tough conditions in order to keep us well stocked, and in turn, we should put value on their well-being.

Thankfully, employers are also taking steps to address this problem, implementing programs to keep track and help improve the fitness of their valuable staff. As for my friend, he is currently working at Effective Logistics. His company started to implement programs to support those who are at risk of obesity and other conditions common to those in this profession. Moreover, they offer support for those who already have developed ailments during their employment, as was the case of my friend. He developed diabetes as a result of the lack of regular exercise and was overweight. He was connected to specialists who put him on a strict diet and training regimen.

These initiatives are definitely necessary, as there is actually a long list of ailments that are common to those in the trucking industry:


When you are sitting in a cab the whole day, trying to make it to your destination in good time, you suffer from a lack of adequate movement. In fact, only your feet and your arms get a bit of exercise at this time. The punishing work hours do not make it easy to head out to a gym for some training as well. It is no wonder then that most drivers struggle with their weight. 

What more, in the wee hours of the night, when they take a break, the restaurants offering healthier options are probably closed. On isolated roads, there is simply a lack of choice. There is also no opportunity to prepare their own meals, so they just have to eat what is available. High-fat and high-sugar products common to fast-food places can really have an effect on your waistline.


In addition to the lack of exercise and better nutrition, most drivers have to resort to drinking sodas or coffee with sugar to keep them awake on their journey. Sugar gives a jolt of energy so it is certainly the most popular snack to have when you have to work very long hours. Unfortunately, it can eventually lead to Type-2 Diabetes, another ailment common to those in the industry. 

High blood pressure and Hypertension 

All those burgers and the high-sodium fast food are also very punishing on your cholesterol levels and can put you at risk for future heart attacks. When you are in the cab, having a stroke that can debilitate you poses a serious hazard for all vehicles on the road.

Of course, the depressing part of this is that once you develop these ailments, they tend to be lifelong. This means that though your diabetes or hypertension can be controlled using medication, they can never be “cured” or reversed. One simply has to maintain a better lifestyle and hope that this can prevent complications or further sickness.

Sleep Apnea

In this industry, you have to get comfortable sleeping in a truck, in an unnatural sleep schedule. You might develop problems like sleep apnea as well. This is a condition where someone stops breathing while they sleep, increasing the risk of daytime sleepiness. It can also lead to congestive heart failure, and when one is tired on the wheel, possibly lead to accidents.

In fact, though it is a well-paid job, the conditions put off most applicants. Employers struggle to hire workers, so providing them with better conditions and other programs to support their health and well-being is key. Not only can they attract new talent, but they can also improve the lives of all their current staff. 

A great first step is to provide them with access to specialists that create special diet and fitness plans tailored to their schedule and being on the road all the time. Frequent checks can catch risks earlier, and trigger the need to see a doctor. Other programs like support groups, options to bring, store or prepare their own food and even financial incentives to stay fit also help bring good results. 

In the end, drivers like my friend love their profession, and with support from their employers they can continue performing their jobs well and remain in good physical shape. After all, good health is what makes them more efficient and productive in their job.

The Perks of Living at the Beach

Beach House Property

For a lot of people, living near the beach can be risky. There’s the danger brought about by storms, the potential of a flood, and even threat of being exposed to polluted water. However, it is an old belief that there are also health benefits living near ocean

Owning a house that is a short drive from the beach makes a person have a different perspective in life. He knows how to appreciate the simple life because feeling the fresh air and sun on your skin is enough to experience joy and contentment. But for a more convincing note, there are several benefits that one should consider when getting Chilli Realty’s new offer of living in an apartment near the beach. 

Access to a Therapeutic Pool

A beachfront property gives unlimited access to your very own therapeutic pool. Seawater is known to promote health as it contains minerals like magnesium and potassium. Magnesium calms the nerves that is why having a dip in sea water is very relaxing. The potassium content, on the other hand, promotes a good urinary flow. All the known elements inside the body can be found in saltwater and they help the lymph system in removing harmful toxins. Regular bathing in salt water can also increase skin elasticity and improve its overall appearance.

Promotes an Active Lifestyle

The beach is home to many fun activities. You can play games, run through the beach front, or simply take a swim regularly. Swimming remains to be one of the best forms of exercise and it will do you good to do it at least once or twice a week. When you are this close to an active environment, you become interested in maintaining an active lifestyle. This, in turn, will make your body lean and fit and will encourage you to keep that healthy body. Once you become accustomed to being active, you become passionate at promoting it to your family and friends and will find no trouble sticking to being healthy at all times.

Skin Aid

As the largest organ of the body, the skin is prone to many conditions because of ts exposure to the environment. Some skin conditions are treated with low- level UV rays. Living near the beach assures free treatment for psoriasis, dermatitis, and other skin disorders. However, much care should be taken as overexposure to the sun can also lead to other conditions or worsen the existing diseases.

Mood Enhancer

The sun has a direct effect on a person’s mood. The relaxed feeling is magnified because endorphin or the happy hormone, becomes free-flowing when you are exposed to sunlight. This chemical is a natural feel- good stimulant and is released in heaps when you are near the beach. This is why you instantly feel uplifted when you see the sun, sand, and sea.

Immuno Booster

Sunlight is also a great source of vitamin D. This vitamin is not only good for strengthening the bones but also with boosting the immune system. Autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s Disease are associated with vitamin D deficiency. Aside from keeping the immune system at its best, having enough vitamin D is also said to prevent various types of cancer especially skin cancer.

Respiratory Aid

Taking a deep breath of sea air is one of the best treatments for people who are suffering from respiratory illnesses. Those who have trouble breathing because of asthma, cough, sinusitis and bronchitis will find themselves getting better even with just a day at the beach. Imagine how much relief it would be when you are able to have an unlimited supply of sea air at home!

Promotes Restful Sleep

Sea air contains negatively charged ions that enhance oxygen absorption. These ions also balance serotonin levels that affect mood and stress. When you inhale sea air, you become alert, relaxed, and feel more energized thereby making it easier for the body to rest and sleep soundly.

The beach evokes a feeling of serenity. Aside from it being a marvelous beauty, the benefits that it gives the body is more than enough reason to try your best at snagging a beachfront property. Securing an apartment that is either in front of the sea or, at least, a few minutes away from it will give you the assurance that you will reap the benefits as soon as you live in it.

Living near the sea will always remind you to breathe in fresh air. It will be a simple way of rejuvenating yourself and lets you free from all kinds of stress. You get to enjoy the multiple health benefits without worrying about extra costs. But it is not only the body that needs healing. The soul needs to be refreshed too and the simplest way to do this is by spending a few calming minutes facing the sea. Truly, a beach life is a remedy of sorts.

Helpful Tips When Choosing Hair Colour

hair colour jan 18Another year has passed and to start great for the new one, you may want to have a change in your hair colour. You may want to go bolder with brighter hair colour such as pink, bleach blonde or red. You may also go for more subtle ones like light coffee brown or ash gray. However, there are some tips that you need to consider when choosing your hair colour. Though you can experiment, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every hair colour would look good on you.

There are new hair colour ideas for 2016 that you can try. But before you consider any, read the tips below so you would end up with the colour that perfectly suits you.

Browse and Collect Sample Hair Colours on the Web

You may get interested with a particular hair colour like maroon red because you think you would look badass with it. Imagining it would not really help. So, the best thing to do is browse the Web for samples of hair colour to help you determine which ones you think would look okay, good, or great on you. You may also buy magazines so you can have something to bring at the hair salon. Old magazines are also a great reference. When you’re at the salon you may also consider the expert opinion of the hairstylist. With your preference, samples, and opinion from an expert, you would surely end up with the colour that suits your hair and overall appearance perfectly.

Consider Your Next Hairstyle

Since it’s a new year, you may also want to wear a new hairstyle. You can also look over the Web or newly published magazines for recent and trending hairstyles. With the new cut that you want, figure out whether the hair colour that you are considering will look great with it. You may also look for celebrities that are already wearing the hairstyle that you want and look on the hair colour. This would surely give you an idea whether the hairstyle and hair colour that you want would complement each other.  

Check Your Skin Tone

The color of your skin is one major factor that needs to be considered when changing the hair colour. If you have darker skin, too blonde hair colour may not look good on you. So, to ensure that you won’t be wasting your money on the wrong hair colour, you need to check your skin tone. The key is to find out whether your skin has a cool or warm coloring. All you need to do is to go outside where there is ample natural light from the sun. Hold your arms up and look at the wrists. You have to look at the color of your veins beneath the skin. You have a cool undertone if you have veins that look blue. You have a warm undertone if you have veins that look green.

If you have difficulty determining your skin tone through the color of your veins, you can use the paper test that requires you to use a few pieces of paper in blue, silver, green, white, red, and yellow colour. You need to hold the coloured papers one by one near your face. You have a more cool tone if your skin looks great with blue, silver, green, and white sheets of paper. You have a more warm tone if your skin looks great with yellow and red sheets of paper.

Consider Your Eye Colour

The hair and eye colour complement each other. There are hair colours that don’t look okay with certain eye colours. So, it is also important that you consider the colour of your eyes. Generally, darker shades of brown like dark coffee brown will look great with hazel or brown eyes. You may also consider espresso brown or rich chocolate brown. Cooler tones such as ash or light gold will definitely look great with grey or blue eyes. You may also consider ash blonde or golden blonde.    

Be Safe With Brown

If you are not ready yet to be bold with your style but still want to have a change in hair colour, you may do away with black, blonde, and red for now and choose brown. There are many advantages that you’ll surely enjoy when you choose brown. Unlike other hair colours, there are shades of brown that perfectly suits different skin types.

Brown in darker shades like espresso brown look great on dark skin. The key is to stay away from brown that is three or more shades lighter than the natural color of your skin. Brown in medium shades like auburn or caramel perfectly suits skin with medium tone. The key is to stay away from blondish and neutral shades. Brown in medium shades with tones of red look great on light coloured skin. The key is to stay away from dark shades of brown. If you don’t, you will have the tendency to look pale.

The Importance of Marketing to Existing Clients


Every company-to-business sales firm results in adding new clients and may invest a large amount of cash for creating new leads. However, several diligent companies know the solution to growing revenue would be to mix-market clientele. Simply examine how effectively the junk food stores have discovered to interact with existing clients. When was the final moment you visited with a drive-thru once the purchase-taker did not recommend up- incorporating a treat or sizing your order? Creating clients that are present provides the chance to preserve long term success.


Cross up marketing and selling is about creating a connection with previously existing customers. With this particular technique, it may become a lot more economical than usually searching for new clients who might or may possibly not be thinking about the service or product. Presenting companies or services will soon be much easier & most likely a lot more effective to the market.

Profitable companies realize that once they supply increased items and much more solutions to their client, they can eventually create customer loyalty. They’re growing a foundation that wouldn’t actually think about the opposition and constantly depend upon them for services and products.

WP-CloudIdea+FreeDigital_Med_sq-300x300This can be a support that the Prospecting Organization can quickly manage for the company. They market services to improve consumer spending and consider current customers. Since cross-selling or up-selling is five times easier more economical than attracting customers, it’s an essential method to develop your company. When choosing the organization to assist your sales increase leads, it’s crucial that they have an established history of multi channel advertising choices to focus on the best items for that appropriate clients using the correct techniques.


A prospect company will end up being acquainted with your company when you show that you are connected with many clients and that you offer various products that are of high demand in the market. The client will decide depending on your capacity to provide the necessary requirements that will help them become more productive and efficient in their work system.


multi-channel-marketingMany business people have noticed the word multi channel advertising but may possibly not be informed how it will help with revenue. A Prospecting Organization that excels at multi-channel client info will be translated by advertising into consumer intelligence. With this specific technology, the company will have the ability to achieve its goals and objectives that are beneficial to its success.

A great multi channel marketing plan may use a number of different cars to achieve the client. Clients are everywhere and you must have the capability to hunt them. Multi-channel advertising enables potential clients to say “yes” and create a purchase. These can be done thru social networking methods, individual contact, SMS and emailing.

Top 3 Tips to Achieve Great Business Productivity


Efficiency in the workplace results to smart planning and productivity on the part of both management and personnel. There are a number of ways by which efficiency can be achieved. Below are the guidelines.

Fair Delegation of Duties and Responsibilities

Performing the task alone in the workplace is difficult. The variety of duties and responsibilities should be delegated to the appropriate employees who are well-trained and experienced in their own fields. In that way, every employee works individually while carrying out his or her own tasks to meet the company goal. When the work system becomes smooth-flowing, then the achievement the company’s requirements is feasible and successful. Projects are attained thru the help of every member in the industry. This is what makes the company grow and succeed.

Conduct Company Meetings and Conferences for Better Communication

Communication is a significant factor for company to run smoothly. This can be done thru periodic meetings and conferences where employees and management communicate towards a common goal. This is a great venue for the company do determine its strengths and weaknesses and therefore respond its issues so that problems are resolved appropriately and professional. Communication bridges the gap between management and employees.

Provide Venue for Employees to Improve

Trainings and seminars are great opportunities for employees to improve in their field of work. Employees must be up with the latest trends and technologies so that they can work more efficiently and be more productive in their own work stations. It would also be helpful for management to allow employees to enjoy their leave credits so that they can have an opportunity to attend to their personal welfare. Furthermore, employees must be given the right to use their “sickness leave” credits especially when they are troubled with stress and illnesses due to long hours of work and heavy work load. With these, various diseases can be be eliminated.

The workplace can be considered a stressful place to a lot of employees. But for as long as management stimulates work efficiency, then productivity can be attained easily.

The Big Benefits of Internet Blog Marketing


Many business owners undervalue the potential of a good internet marketing strategy. They fall into misconceptions about the overall value of business marketing on a blogging format. The truth is, business owners who blog frequently drive more traffic and make more sales than those who don’t.

Blogs are cheap, often free marketing sources that are overlooked and underestimated by many business owners.

Blogs are a low cost marketing channel that is easy to maintain and can be easily built into any website. Internet marketing via blogging offers a special kind of brand awareness that is hard to achieve by other means.

Some Key benefits of Internet blog marketing include:

Personal Touch and Enhanced Company Persona


Blogging can give your customers a personal view into your company and your product. Often business owners don’t realize how a well written blog post can build an avenue to reach potential clients and establish a consistent network of return clients.

Enriched Customer Interaction

Giving your customers a voice further suggests you’re a company that cares about their feedback. It’s an established and proven way to get to know your clients by engaging with them in the comments section. Many potential clients are captured with interaction. By handling complaints, openly responding to praise and having general conversations you create that personal touch.

Enhanced Visibility

Blog marketing keeps you visible and fresh in people’s mind. Visibility helps keep your company fresh in the minds of clients so when they need your products or services they are more likely to remember your business.

Increased Product Exposure

Who doesn’t want product exposure? This is a ‘win win’ situation offering enhanced mainstream visibility for your services and products. Educating the public about your offerings gives them perspective and is a great way to expose new products and services.

Different Retail Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Attract More Customers


If a retail company is managing, it’s very important to produce a fruitful advertising intend to participate within the previously-developing retail market market and obtain an advantage over your competition. Consider your company to some new level and efficient marketing methods are specifically made to enhance your retail earnings. They perform an essential component in providing the best manufacturer concept towards the clients, growing profits and sales, driving traffic to your site, determining the various tools that will help your company develop and obtain marketshare, and much more. In the earth of today’s, it’s extremely difficult to endure with no efficient business strategy. A perfect business strategy centers around problems associated with four Gis, Item i.e. Price, Location and Marketing.

Things in strategy

Step Number 1: Defining your company objective

browseIncluding the range of actions and also the fundamental goals which you intend to execute. It’s essential that you answer questions, including before determining your company objective:

• which kind of business are you currently running
• What do you consider concerning the business’ future
• What’re your capabilities
• What would you like to complete through this industry
How will your visitors impress

Step Number 2: Doing a Scenario review

It includes examining risks and the possibilities which are implicated within the environment. It contains the three key elements, that are:

• Market Factors (dimension, business cycles, development)
• Opposition elements (competition obstacles, negotiating strength of retailers)
• Central components (administration proficiency, financial resources, customer loyalty)

The Myths and Facts of Secrecy With Offshore Companies

08042013_5Lots of people believe their company is key, or wish to put up a organization, and several use offshore components to get this done. But does it really work?

You will find three issues as it pertains to secrecy that issue:

The secrecy of whose?
From who?
Under what problems?
Companies that are key

the very first thing you will probably notice about and also begin studying it are secret companies. What does this mean? Does it mean there’s no registry of the businesses? No. often there is some kind of a registry to make sure a business is really there. However, that registry is not always readily available so not only anybody can quickly confirm the lifetime of the organization (a well known fact that’s benefits and drawbacks later).

You will find two typical bits of disclosure (or lack thereof):

It is not fairly unusual to not possess the titles of investors disclosed, less-common but nonetheless fairly typical to not possess the titles of directors.

Dockwise_vanguard_intergrated_offshore_platformsIn both instances when the data is revealed you can find two typical methods can often be applied to supply some secrecy regardless:

Nominees – basically an individual who gets settled annually to place their title on businesses in the place of having your name onto it
Companies – in the place of having a person like representative or a shareholder there can be an organization. In several locations corporate administrators are not permitted and this provides back us in the degree of the organization again to the problem of secrecy